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With start-up solutions, re-branding, maintenance packages and more. We are Your Business Solutions By Design.


So many ideas, so little time. Here we  get to know you, collect your dreams and ideas into one place, and organize your vision into an actionable plan.

Putting it all Together

With branding, web design, marketing, administrative assistance, whatever your business needs... we build and fine-tune your vision to fit your niche market.

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Congratulations! The wait is over! It is time to launch your business. 

What I love and do is about more than just business. I take fragmented pieces of a person's dream or vision and help organize them into big picture reality. I help them see possibilities and often give the push needed to move forward. Problem-solving with a fresh perspective and outside-of-the-box thinking prompts excitement and new growth. My clients tend to target a niche market. From photography, health coaching, to educational planning, their unique approach is what sets them apart from others in the field. By listening for repeated keywords and phrases as they brainstorm and share their story, I can design a plan specifically for them. I would love the honor of doing the same for you and your business - working together, finding Your Business Solutions By Design. 

                                        Kathryn Seifert

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Branding, Web Design, Blog Design, and much more. See why our clients recommend us again and again.

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"Katie is talented and amazing at making the vision of your business come to life online. Katie has helped me express who I am and what I do beautifully as well as created a highly functioning website. I have been blown away at her creativity, design, and knowledge base. "

Kris Honeycutt
Health and Wellness Coach at

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